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What Makes Us Different?

We believe the single biggest challenge facing modern leaders is the gap between learning and turning knowledge into something living and useful. In fact, this problem is particularly insidious because most organizations aren’t aware of the growing learning to living leadership gap. The result is wasted time and money on leadership training that doesn’t fix the persistent crisis in developing strong leaders. If you can relate, then we believe your answer is simple…

First, accept learning it is NOT living it.  And second, know that Living Leadership is the single most powerful process in building strong leaders who embody values and behaviors to move organizations forward. Or said differently, one thing lived is more valuable than a thousand things planned, learned, and considered! Think, walk vs. talk, planning vs. execution, learning vs. LIVING IT.

How Big Is Your Learning to Living Leadership Gap?

We have assessments to dive in and get your exact Living Leadership score. But for the time being, here are three essential questions to ask yourself, your team, and organization leaders.

  • What do I know as a leader, but don’t actually LIVE IT? (go deep, be honest with yourself)

  • What does our team know, but doesn’t actually LIVE IT? (where’s the disconnect, why isn’t your team living it)

  • What does your organization value, but doesn’t actually LIVE IT? (talk vs. walk, empty rhetoric vs. transformative change)

These living leadership gaps are often the single biggest drain on human capital, production, and profits. That’s why closing these gaps yields both tremendous personal and organizational value.

So If part of you thinks you have Living Leadership gaps and can benefit from personally becoming a stronger leader or you’re looking to strengthen your downline leaders and staff – CALL US @ +1 (915) 213-6464We’ll discuss your options, to include live workshops, one-on-one coaching, and full programs to develop your leaders and teams.

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Living Leadership

We don’t judge success by what our leaders learn,
but rather from what they LIVE, activate, and make real.

Did You Know?

Spending on leadership development and training is at an all time high!

Leadership Development Factbook 2014 Bersin by Deloitte, 2014.

  • How much are you spending to develop yourself & other leaders?

  • How much time are you committing to develop yourself & other leaders?

  • Is your investment yielding the results you want?

86% of leaders say we have a worldwide leadership crisis.

Survey on the Global Agenda World Economic Forum

So even with record spending on leadership development, most leaders still believe there is a major crisis in modern leadership.

  • Do you have a leadership crisis?
  • Or maybe not a crisis, but BIG leadership challenges?
  • Are you making major gains toward resolving your leadership challenges?

The Learning to
Living Leadership Gap

Xecute Sciences Leadership Division

Data shows that everyone is learning leadership, but few are actually bridging the gap and Living It? The result is wasted time and money on leadership training that doesn’t fix the persistent crisis in developing strong leaders. So what’s the solution?

We believe the answer is to close the Learning to Living Leadership Gap. To stop emphasizing learning leadership and to instead emphasize Living It!  This simple shift is the most powerful and direct way to build strong modern leaders.

  • Do you have a Learning to Living Leadership Gap?
  • If you and your leaders LIVED IT, what would change overnight?
  • What’s the real value of this change – What’s it costing you not to change?
Slide background


• Emphasizes Learning
as the Standard


• Emphasizes Converting
Learning into Living



• Speaks About Values
• Speaks About Beliefs
• Speaks About Standards


• Lives Values
• Lives Beliefs
• Lives Standards



• Grand Plans & Schemes
• Expands Complexity
• Slow to Execute


• Goal Oriented
• Focused Simplcity
• Agile Execution



• Authority Based
• Demotivating
• Disempowering


• Trust Based
• Inspires & Motivates
• Empowers By Default



• Unbalanced
• Hidden & Secretive
• Closed Off / Hard to Change


• Wholistic
• Transparent
• Open / Eager To Change

What’s Your Living Leadership Score?

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