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The 5 Powerful Questions All Strong Leaders Must Ask

What Leadership Style or Quality is the best? Is it Bezos's ability to adapt and change on a dime? Is it Buffet's long-term persistence? Or maybe it's Branson's charisma? And what about transactional, situational, or transformational leadership? — WHICH is best? Leadership studies across industries give different answers and no clarity on what leadership [...]

How To Instantly Motivate and Inspire Others

The Ironic Truth It's Better To Ask For More Ever been frustrated trying to motivate and inspire others? Or perhaps you needed help and couldn't get others to buy-in? Well here's an easy way to instantly motivate and inspire people to take action. The irony of motivating people is that you're better off [...]

When A Good Leader Doesn’t Get Promoted

Here's The Truth Being Good Isn't Enough You're good at what you do but stuck under leadership that will NOT promote you. What do you do? How do you get your boss to move you up the ladder? Try these three tips. First, let's attack the myth that being good guarantees you'll be promoted [...]

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