Patrick Asked A Great Question

He asked…

How am I supposed to come up with the number you need. I directly/indirectly speak to about 120 people every day. We have stand downs and/or tailgates every morning 4 days a week

Good question Patrick,

Let’s Define Purposeful Practice As: the conscious act of “purposefully” engaging in a specific activity to create a specific result.”

So Patrick, it does not count if customer service or selling is a direct part of your job and you do it as routine, habit, or due to schedule.

However, it does count if you make the conscious decision to engage. Meaning, it is on purpose, you actually mean to do it! That means you are specifically trying to provide GREAT customer service or sell safety.

And so you know, the science behind Purposeful Practice is compelling. In short, even if you do something well, Purposeful Practice can dramatically improve skill and mastery in almost in any area of focus.

Also, to get the most out of Purposeful Practice, I encourage you to take a moment after each engagement to evaluate how you did.

Take 60 seconds and get R.A.W. with yourself:

  • Recognize: what went well
  • Acknowledge: an area for improvement
  • Work: the improvement into your next practice opportunity (the sooner, the better)

Why is the RAW review important? Because Purposeful Practice without review doesn’t allow us to rapidly grow and improve. By reviewing ourselves, we close the gap between action and learning. This enhances skill, but just as important it builds our ability to lead.

For example, I’m sure you know many people who are good at something but can’t lead or teach others how to do what they do. Well, that is simply because they are not aware of the small details that lead to their greatness. But with consistent and diligent self-review, you will have that awareness to lead and teach.

That’s a win:win, where you AND those you love and lead improve, grow and prosper.

How Do I Track / Keep Count of My Score?

Give yourself a point for each “round” of Purposeful Practice. That means you don’t get multiple points for practicing with a group.

For example:

  • A tailgate with 100 people – is still one point
  • A meeting with 30 people – is still one point
  • A group session where you Purposefully Practice with multiple individuals, back to back – is still one point
  • BUT…. if you take a break and you come back to “start again”, that’s another round, and you get another point.

Think of it like going to the gym. If you workout and leave then come back that’s two workouts, even if both workouts are only 15 minutes. And conversely, if you go the gym and workout for 90 minutes, that’s still one workout.

Does this make sense? Let me know because I’m shooting a video to send to the group.

Thanks for reaching out.

Now go Practice!

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