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What if you could improve business outcomes 10-37% by boosting the performance of your team and leadership?

The Rise Performance Kit

About X

Hasani X  started on the streets of Oakland California and went on to become a first-generation college graduate with an Ivy League degree from the University of Pennsylvania. He then went on to found 4E Consulting, where he helped to grow countless small to mid-sized businesses. After a successful exit at 4E Consulting, Hasani shifted gears from developing businesses to developing people as a performance consultant and leadership coach. He is now president of Rise of a Leader, a company that helps build strong leaders and teams for companies looking to RISE.

Powerful Leadership
Requires Powerful Training

When I was 5-years old, I made a declaration that no-one or nothing would stop me from leading myself to greatness. That within me existed something that was more than the insurmountable challenges in front of me.

35 years later that declaration has given me and those I love and lead more than I could have ever hoped for. From escaping the streets of Oakland California to becoming a first-generation college grad earning an Ivy League degree. To building my first business 4E Consulting and gaining Jr. Partner status at BJM Solutions, a nationally recognized economic harm analysis firm. To becoming a professional athlete, mentor, coach, and now consultant to other powerful and successful leaders on the RISE.

How did I do this? I fought all my life to uphold the self-imposed commitment to fight, lead, and stand up to life’s challenges. And along the way, I learned that my fight wasn’t just mines. It was our fight. The stand to make it ok for leaders to lead again. To make bold choices, moves, and stances that matter. To not duck, dodge, blame, and cave into the pressure to be less than our possibility. Or in short, to be a Powerful Leader.

Maybe you can relate, as a Powerful Leader responsible for growing and creating profits. If so, I welcome you to Rise of a Leader.


Our approach is out of the box and specifically designed to boost performance and business results. See what others have said about RISE trainings and workshops.

  • Get unstuck, move past the status-quo

  • Unify your team like never before

  • Have difficult conversations that matter

  • Challenge leaders & managers

  • Build culture and lasting trust

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My whole life has been about beating the odds and helping myself and others to win. But what I’ve never done is combine my LIVING LEADERSHIP process for building strong leaders WITH the blueprints for building profitable growth driven businesses.

So for the first time, I’m bringing these two worlds together. Two worlds that are absolutely necessary to lead and power modern business growth.

You Will Receive:

  • Access to our pre-training vault where we immediately start the process of helping you identify leadership and business development gaps.
  • A one of a kind Kick-Ass eXperience specifically designed to help you not just learn but to LIVE the principles and ideas that I’ll share with you.
  • One-on-one time with myself to help you develop a personalized blueprint to help you grow and profit in your leadership life and business.
  • RISE of a Leader package to include your RISE workbook, Living Leadership downloads and worksheets, post-training virtual community, and more.

After qualifying, you’ll begin with a one-on-one coaching session and access to our online workplace. The goal is to help you get right now results so that you have momentum coming into our LIVE experience.

Rise & Learn The Secrets To:

  • The mindset of being a modern powerful leader who inspires, delivers, and creates value for themselves and others.
  • How to capture growth through an inside-out approach that builds step by step your leadership and business transformation.
  • How to discover the few key things that drive profit in your business so that you can give more time and effort to these things over the busy work that plagues most business owners.


Date:  November 9th, 2017 from 8am – 5pm
Location: Downtown Columbia, South Carolina @ SOCO
823 Gervais St #220, Columbia, SC 29201 (Google Maps)


See What Others Say
About Rise of a Leader

I’ve been through many leadership programs, but nothing like RISE, it helped me dream big then supported me to Live It and make it real. I’m now more confident and accomplishing more, but as important, my team is now performing at a record pace.

Paula Powell, Director City of El Paso
🎥 See Paula’s Story Here

Overcoming The Odds

Strategy advisor and coach for growing business. Result: year over year growth in a down market.

Growth From The Start

Strategy advisor and coach for a new business. Result: instant momentum and growth.



3 Weeks Before RISE


Get in touch with who you are as a leader and business owner by going through out 12 step leadership and business assessment. Then share results with others in our group. After gaining insight, you’ll jump on a one-on-one training call to help you get what we call a RIGHT NOW RESULT. The goal is for you have immediate R.O.I. and momentum coming into our LIVE training.

Saturday Nov 9, 2017 (8am – 5pm)

RISE Live Training

Leading – Growth – Profit

Date:  Nov 9th, 2017 from 7am – 5pm
Location: Downtown Columbia, South Carolina @ SOCO
823 Gervais St #220, Columbia, SC 29201 ( Google Maps )


The Rise of a Leader Standard: We begin by calibarating what modern leadership exellence looks like. We then compare that to you existing results and make a new comittment to LIVE IT


Living Leadership – A Path Toward Real Growth: Break down who you are as a leader as we deep dive into tackeling your biggest leadership challenges. This not only includes in your business but every area of your life.


Lunch & Learn Debrief: We commune as leaders and share a bite to eat as we debrief on the mornign activities.


10E Business Blueprint: Next we jump into learning the 10E Business Blueprint. A blueprint that allows you to quickly assess areas to focus on in your business.


Designing Your Growth Plan: After honing in on specific areas for business conern, each leader will map out their 3 month business growth plan. I will work with each individual to ensure clarity, precision, and that you come away with a working executable plan for growth.

4:30 – 5:00PM

Q&A / Closing Remarks: We’ll close with Q&A and a reconfirmation of comittments made throughout the day. All questions NOT asnwered will be tabeled and elaborated upon in the virtual workspace.***

Post Training

The 90 Day Leadership Growth Cycle

After our training The 90 Day Leadership Growth Cycle #1 begins. This is a supported mission by myself, other RISE coaches, and leaders in the group. It’s NOT included as part of the RISE event, but offered to leaders who choose to continue their Living Leadershi journey.


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RISE – Leading – Growing – Profiting is 100% dedicated to helping leaders to grow and prosper. To that end, I am willing to offer you an unconditional money back guarantee. WHY? Because I know it works for those who are committed to LIVING IT and not just learning it.

So here’s my guarantee to you – I’ll bring my absolute best, it’s all I know how to do. And should that not be enough, after the live event I’ll refund 100% of your tuition and no hard feelings.


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