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A New Way To Build Strong Leaders

” No matter how good of a leader you are now, you could ALWAYS be better! “

Most leaders believe the above and that’s why spending on leadership development is at an all-time high1 But there’s a big problem because even with massive spending on leadership development, 86% of leaders still report that we have a worldwide leadership crisis.2  Doesn’t that seem odd? We’re spending more, yet at the same time admitting the problem in developing strong leaders is getting worse. So the question is:


First, Ask Yourself The Following

  • Have my personal leadership development efforts helped me realize the heights of my leadership potential? Be sure to include books you’ve read and workshops and programs you’ve attended. Have they helped you get the results you’re after?
  • Also, don’t forget about that in-house HR program or the check the box training that’s rolled out year to year? Have they produced measurable and sustainable gains for your leaders and teams?

Maybe you, your leaders, and teams have benefited in tangible ways, but we suspect not to the degree you’d like and more likely, not to the extent that you could have. Here’s why…

A Different Leadership Approach

Many leadership development initiatives fall short because they emphasize traditional learning models over modern living and experiential models. What we mean by this is that leadership theory, models, and ideas are often learned but never quite LIVED. In this sense, many leaders know how to intellectually do a thing, but fall short in bringing the power, strength, and resolve to pull it off. And don’t get us wrong, knowledge and learning are important, but I think you’d agree that almost anything that we don’t know could be easily looked up with a 2-minute Google search.

The point being, knowing the process, facts, and tactics are no longer enough to effectively lead. Because as mentioned, everyone either already knows or can easily find out with an internet connection. In this way, information and know-how are ever-changing commodities. Plus, as leaders, know-how and information, especially if we are doing it right, is in the hands of those we lead. Or said differently, our people should know as much or more than we do as leaders. This is the foundation of having a high-performance culture and team. Despite this, many leaders haven’t gotten the memo and are still clinging to the notion of learning and knowing as the gateway to being better leaders.

The Modern Rise of a Leader

At Rise of a Leader, we offer leaders a different experience. One based on Living and not learning. As we say, we are not concerned with what our leaders learn, but rather what they activate, live, and make real. It’s this shift to Living Leadership that allows leaders to see in themselves the principles, ethics, and foundation to support the people and projects they lead. Also, it’s in Living Leadership that leaders begin to see beyond the numbers and tactics of leading. They start to see how much of their power to influence comes from the intangible side of FIRST congruently living by principles. The late great Stephen Covey, calls this Principle Centered Leadership. He says:

” Principle-centered leadership is practiced from the inside out on four levels: 1) personal (my relationship with myself); 2) interpersonal (my relationships and interactions with others); 3) managerial (my responsibility to get a job done with others); and 4) organizational (my need to organize people…) ” Stephen R. Covey, Principle Centered Leadership

Or said differently, inside-out requires that we start with level 1, then 2, then 3 and 4. Meaning, the starting point for effective leadership is rooted first in living by principles. It’s the relationship with yourself and the commitment to living with discipline, congruence, and purpose. It’s this foundation that ultimately creates and sustains, your power to lead. And of more importance, Living Leadership not only powers your potential to lead, but it also unlocks others so that they willingly receive your leadership. That’s why we say you must “Live It to Lead It.” Because by Living It, others will see it, experience it, start to believe it, and then follow it. This is how great leadership works!

But despite this, far too many of us focus on the tactical side of trying to learn how to lead and influence. For example, we might focus on level 2 and obsess on learning interpersonal communication skills. Or we jump to level 3 and 4 for managerial and organizational tactics. The whole time, being certain these will lead to better results. But this is tantamount to running before walking or seeking fruit without ever planting a seed. And yes, this backward approach may produce an immediate positive outcome, but it often fails in times of challenge when you need it most. This isn’t opinion, but a matter of law and fact. Because any fruit reaped without sowing seeds and building a strong foundation, can’t and won’t produce for long.

Don’t take our word for it, confirm this with your own experience. Haven’t you in the past fallen for the glitz of a new leader, but with time you eventually saw his/her true colors? Now ask yourself, why did they fall short as a leader? We’d argue it wasn’t because of their knowledge or what they did or didn’t know. It was simply because they didn’t Live It. They looked it, talked it, but in the end didn’t walk it.

Now, if you’re serious about self-exploration look inside yourself for a time when you’ve fallen short as a leader. I’d bet it also wasn’t about what you didn’t know, but more about trying to lead from a story that you had NOT fully and wholly lived? For me, this has always been the root of not living up to my leadership potential. When I scrape away all my stories, what’s left is that I talked about it, even knew about it, but just didn’t LIVE IT. And if we’re honest and raw with ourselves, the biggest take away isn’t that we fell short. Rather it is that no matter how good of a leader we are, there is always a higher level of leadership waiting to be met. And to our point, we will only meet this level when we finally start LIVING at this level.

So For a Moment Consider

  • What would your leadership life be like if you stopped trying to learn about leadership and instead focused on you and your Living Leadership?
  • Let’s go even deeper: How would life change for you if you began LIVING as the man or woman you know you could be?

Here’s a hint, your leadership and life would dramatically improve. We say this because though historically significant, Living Leadership is even more important in today’s modern business environment. Just think about the people we lead today. Don’t they expect and demand high levels of transparency and empowerment from leaders they can trust and respect? Even staunch Baby Boomers have been infected by how Millennials, even if new to the job, audaciously and unapologetically ask for more of their leaders.

In short, gone are the days of authority leadership rooted in titles, tenure, and past accolades. People just don’t care; they want leaders who walk the walk TODAY. They want leaders who Live It. Not just because of it’s effectiveness but also because Living Leadership helps others activate their personal potential, purpose, and power. Just think about how starved most people are when it comes living up to their potential and experiencing day to day power and purpose. With Living Leadership you become an example of possibility, which naturally skyrockets your power to influence and lead. And here’s another truth, you can be this type of modern leader. The catch is, it’s not likely to happen through a traditional learning based approach. You’ll have to master level 1 and LIVE It!

And as a happy side effect, once you begin Living Leadership you not only will transform your power to lead but also your strength to transform other areas of your life. That’s why many of our graduates say that Rise of a Leader was life-changing. And this makes sense given Living Leadership isn’t something you do between the hours of 9  to 5pm. It’s something you LIVE 24/7.

Transform Your Leadership Life

Becoming a better leader through Living Leadership is a process that yields not only some immediate fruits but more importantly builds deep roots that will allow you to grow into the leader you envision yourself being. We help our leaders to be who they truly are meant to be, as Goethe once said:

“ Treat a man as he is, and he will remain as he is; treat a man as he can and should be, and he will become as he can and should be. ” ~ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

So if you’re looking to be the leader that you COULD and SHOULD be, then join us. But be warned, Rise of a Leader is only for leaders who are serious about realizing more of their leadership potential, overcoming real challenges, and RISING as a leader.


Or call: +1 (915) 213-6464

1Leadership Development Factbook 2014 Bersin by Deloitte, 2014. | 2Survey on the Global Agenda World Economic Forum

Living Leadership

We don’t judge success by what our leaders learn, but rather from what they LIVE, activate, and make real.

How We Help Leaders Rise

To Lead It You Must Live It.

We’ve streamlined our program to help leaders rapidly grow through a series of Living Leadership experiences. These experiences unfold over 6 simple but powerful steps.

Out of the Box Leadership Training & Workshops

Great leaders are great not from what they know, but rather from what they LIVE, activate, and make real. That’s why at Rise of a Leader we integrate experiential Living Leadership to go beyond talking heads and theory-based approaches. We help our leaders activate knowledge through immersive experiences that produce “right now results.” Or said different, nothing is taught that isn’t actively used and LIVED. So as you prepare to attend your workshop expect a jam-packed experience full of real challenges that result in real solutions and real actions.

Typically, there are 3 training days broken up as needed to accommodate the group.

  • Workshop #1: Live It to Lead It: Attend your first full day workshop where you and other leaders learn how great leaders “Live It to Lead It.” You’ll experience firsthand how to activate new levels of leadership to overcome your biggest challenges (whatever they may be) through the simple but powerful Living Leadership framework. It’s truly an unforgettable out-of-the-box experience. #training #workshop #living #leadership

  • Workshop #2: New Challenges – New Heights: Attend your second full day workshop where you and other leaders share successes, failures, and explore new plans of attack. The emphasis is to help you design, test, and activate solutions to your biggest challenges. In short, you’ll leave not only more confident but with momentum and proof of how you’ll continue to RISE through the program. #learn #adapt #grow #betterResults

  • Workshop #3: Graduation / Gateway to Greatness: Attend your final full day training where you’ll receive your exit assessment results that detail how you’ve RISEN as a leader. You’ll also map out the next 6-12 months of your leadership life. And last but not least, you’ll celebrate with other leaders at the graduation dinner. It’s a night to honor your accomplishments and watch the unveiling of the Rise of a Leader Documentary for your cohort.  #celebrate #review #future #plan

Personal Leadership Coaching & Support Resources

At Rise of a Leader, we haven’t succeeded unless you actually RISE. So we make sure to provide you with the support you need to make real progress toward your vision and leadership goals. We do this not through a bunch of information but rather through a systemized process to keep you in momentum, growing, and taking action. In short, we support you in LIVING IT.

3 Core Areas of Support

  • Rise Leadership Coaching: your coach will help you real-time through leadership challenges along the way. They will also remind you of your vision and goals helping you to remain accountable and focused. 
  • Rise Leadership Cohort: you’ll also have the support of other leaders in your cohort. You’ll interact through designed exercises, scheduled activities, and the occasional impromptu gatherings. In short, you are not alone in your effort to RISE.
  • Rise Digital Dashboard: remember at Rise of a Leader, we haven’t succeeded unless you actually RISE! So we designed a digital dashboard and app that will help you track your progress and allow you to interact with your RISE Coach and cohort. It’s simple easy and will provide you with definitive proof that you’re RISING.

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