Build Strong Young Leaders

Rise of a Young Leader is a program and methodology that leverages the 3E’s of esteem, efficacy, & enlightenment to empower youth at the level of BELIEF. This foundational level when synergized with traditional educational initiatives magnifies youth buy-in, engagement, and positive outcomes. This is done by using the 3E’s to help youth convert what’s being learned into something LIVED. We call this bridging the Learning to Living Leadership Gap.

We liken this process to fully forming an iceberg by marrying what’s beneath sea level (BELIEF) to what’s above (Knowledge, How To, & Process). In this way, the 3E’s as a methodology empowers educators by giving youth a stronger foundation to build upon. This approach transforms the discussion from an industrial age emphasis on learning “what and how” to a balanced post-modern methodology where youth discover, engage, and live their “who and why.”

The above video is from a Rise of a Young Leader program we co-facilitated with Claflin University. We were successful in getting high schoolers to not only to believe in themselves but also STEM and their future in it.

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